it’s okay to let go

Every time we speak

I tell you about my life

then you tell me about yours

then you find a way of

judging and criticizing my life

and putting it under such a negative light

and its crazy how you think I am so out of line

for not having the same standards and vibes

for having dependency on the people I love

and not giving up on what I believe

But then I realize

that I don’t mind

I rise above

I use this as a reminder

of everything I am not

of everything I have

of everyone I love and those

who love me back

I use this as inspiration

to continue life as someone who

does not analyze to criticize and judge

But rather analyze to learn and accept

I see this as an opportunity

to practice looking past my judgments

and focus on what matters

Your negativity is a mere projection of your jealously

From the unconditional love you will never able yourself to receive

sparks an instinctive over thinking 

and develop insecurities

that are now far too deep

caused you to loose touch from reality

But it is no shame

For I am not to blame 

for these mind games you infest on people

make their lives seem so much more profound 

but in reality it’s a fucked up burden

that people choose to believe

You were born with a gift my friend

the twisted gift of jealousy

a gift so dark now turned sin 

I am a permanent resident on this planet

your just a lost tourist

whose thoughts will forever be ignored 

out of my mind





Please don’t blame her

just forgive her

don’t deceit her

she didn’t mean it

and if she did she didn’t want to

but it happened

her love is gone

and now she’s lost

and all that’s left

is herself and her thoughts 

Fight less and love hard

Long love for veggies

Long love for veggies

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Abu Dhabi Mosque

persian miniature art 

persian miniature art